Our Values

Cruelty Free / No Animal testing

None of the Mermaid Soaps products are tested on animals. Our ingredients are sourced from companies that have the same standards. In the event that one of our bath bombs gets out to the mermaids and their friends out there - they will love them just as much as their human counterparts!


All of our products are confirmed vegan. This means that you can feel guilt free when dropping one of thee baubles into the bath!

Gluten free

Gluten sensitivity isn’t just for what we eat! Some of our customers experience real allergic reactions to topical products containing gluten. We want to re-assure our gluten-sensitive customers that we do not have gluten in any of our products, so they are safe for you!

Made in the USA

Mermaid Soaps bath bombs are all made in the USA. Our team works to carefully assemble these bath bombs by hand, daily - ensuring you have the most nourishing, freshest, delightfully scented products available.

Phthalate Free

Some skincare products out there use Phthalates to help products stay together, bend, and hold shape. Our products do not use Phthalates of any kind as they may be harmful. As we use all natural ingredients, using the fewest number of natural ingredients possible, we definitely chose to exclude these.

Paraben Free

Cosmetics companies use parabens from time to time. Studies show they can be harmful in a variety of ways, and our team of beauty experts had no need for them here in Mermaid Soaps products.


Working with a short list of all natural ingredients, we use organic options whenever possible. This especially includes the coconut based components that are a part of all of our products.